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What Everyone Gets Wrong About Affirmations

Ugh. Affirmations.

I used to think they were cheesy and woo-woo. I just didn't get them. I mean, if I kept repeating, "I'm a trillionaire," how would that make me Jeff Bezos?

And then I realized - I was doing them incorrectly.

See, the mind craves truth. Affirmations work best when you root them in what's real and work from there. So while "I'm a trillionaire" may not be true (well, not yet...: )),

saying, "I take action to become financially literate and secure," seems more accurate.

Affirmations are especially useful to muzzle that icky inner voice that says horrible things about you (e.g., "I will die penniless in Pacoima!"). If you ground your affirmations in truth, internalize them, and most importantly, map your actions to them, you can silence that voice.

You're proving - and living - the contrary.

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