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The burning question on everyone's mind...

What's the difference between a task and a goal?

A task is an activity you can complete with relative ease.

A goal is a series of tasks towards an achievement or aim that takes you out of your comfort zone.

This is key. A goal should give you a feeling of “uh-oh, can I do this?”

For instance, were you to say “my goal today is just to go to grocery shopping,” well, that's more of a task unless going grocery shopping puts you in your discomfort zone or is a reach (i.e., are you recovering from an injury? are you agoraphobic?).

BUT let’s say you’re a spendaholic who wants to pay down some debt. Were you to say "my goal today is to go grocery shopping and stick to my list," it is a goal because it implies a series of tasks that would take you out of your comfort zone. You'd have to figure out what you want, create a list, go to the grocery store, and stick to said list. That involves adapting a new series of tasks (and sticking to them), which would be uncomfortable and would probably involve some mistakes.

See the difference?

Why do I bring this up? Well, language matters.

If we mis-label easy tasks as goals, then they’re really not goals. Doing this over and over again creates an easy and comfortable life, one in which challenges are minimal.

And there is no growth, no chance for a big and beautiful life, if there are no challenges.

Stay tuned - next week, I’m discussing BHAGs.

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