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How to Create Your Own Economy

Remember back in 2008-2009 when the economy was truly terrible?

Yes, jobs were difficult to come by, and many people were hurting. With all of the bad news going on, I remember feeling helpless. I often reiterated the thought, "Well, the economy is bad, what can you do? Everyone's finances are in the garbage."

Turns out: that wasn't necessarily true.

As I've read more about business and entrepreneurship in recent years, I learned that some people were having, in fact, amazing years back then (and no, they weren't working on Wall Street). My personal heroine, Sophia Amoruso, was in her early 20s and watching the explosive growth of her vintage clothing company, Nasty Gal, that she started on eBay in 2006. She was thisclose to getting hundreds of millions of dollars from Silicon Valley venture capital. (And she never attended business school; in fact, she was a community college dropout).

When I attended Tony Robbins's UPW years later, I heard him utter the indelible phrase of "create your own economy'" and I thought of Sophia. Yes, that's what she did. That's, in fact, what many entrepreneurs do. They don't wait around and listen to the doom and gloom; they take action in spite of it.

Now that we're in such an entrepreneurial age, I thought I'd share three ways how to do this.

1) Add more value than you take - This is really the key to wealth, right? Adding more to others' lives requires you to think of other people and finding ways to meet their needs. I never understood the term "add value" (it sounded so Economics 101 boring) until I watched a bunch of Gary Vee YouTube videos in 2017, and i put it together that adding value meant taking your gifts and serving other people. This should make people happy, right? We're wired to contribute, but sadly, we're in a culture that values "taking more value" (or consuming) than producing. I suppose that's because it's the path of least resistance (and a very human tendency).

2) Start a side job. As I explained last week, having a side job can open doors that otherwise would be left closed. Whereas a traditional job can make some feel stuck and bored, side jobs can offer tons of variety and engagement. I've never regretted having one because, not only has a side job diversified my income streams, it's also caused me to sharpen my skills, discover new talents, and meet new people.

3) Attend my Money Management and Mindset Workshop on Wednesday, 4/20 at 5:00 p.m. PST. My fellow Lumia coach, the brilliant Sharon Bakcht, and I will be teaching a course for 90 minutes geared towards solopreneurs (or anyone who's solopreneur-curious).

Sharon will cover how to:

*Address your money story, feelings, and limiting beliefs.

*Rewire your brain to be open to prosperity.

I will cover how to:

*Define the basic money terms you need to know (i.e., gross profit versus net)

*Demonstrate how to create a monthly budget for your business

*Educate you on the top 10 commandments for managing your business money without going into debt or having tax issues.

*Share with you on the top 5 necessary business expense mindsets (so you don’t needlessly spend money in the beginning)

Join us on April 20th at 5pm PST | 6pm MST | 7pm CST | 8pm EST for this awesome 90 min workshop (we will also be sending an email with the recording afterwards). Prices are $149, but we have an early bird discount of $33 from now until Sunday, 4/10.

You will not want to miss this event (or, our special discount)

See you there!

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