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7 Savings Tips to Beat Inflation

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Can we agree that this inflationary environment sorta sucks? (Out here in LA, I kid you not that gas is hitting $6.00 a gallon).

That being said, here are 7 things I'm doing right now to cut my costs:

  1. Doctor-supervised intermittent fast - About a month ago, my doctor strongly recommended for me to do an intermittent fast. Was I fat? No. But I've had 1-2 excess inches around my middle that he recommend I lose for health reasons. Now that I've fasted for several weeks, I've lost 5-8 pounds, and I've almost never felt so much energy or clear cognition. My food budget has gone WAY down.

  2. Limit Starbucks/Coffee Bean consumption - I never thought I’d NOT go and give myself a daily coffee treat. But I've cut down in recent weeks, opting for instant coffee or purchasing jugs of iced coffee at Ralph's. (Since coffee is an appetite-suppressant, it feeds brilliantly into number 1).

  3. Avoid eating out - I now only go out once a week with a friend to catch up. If I wasn't fasting, I'd rely on my just-in-case staples of dried spaghetti, tomato sauce, pesto, etc.

  4. Buy paper good items in bulk - I've found that buying t.p. and paper towels saves money; more importantly, when you stock up, it's one less thing to worry about.

  5. Baking soda + vinegar + bleach + essential oils = unlimited cleaning possibilities. I’ve used this combination to scrub away bathroom mildew, but there are unlimited cleaning possibilities if you go on over to Pinterest.

  6. Re-check automatic subscriptions and memberships. Because we're in an age in which everything seems to be subscription-based, it's easy to succumb to "subscription creep." It’s handy to have a spreadsheet or a tracker where you know the start and end dates of every subscription you have (including apps).

  7. Live on a budget. This is the biggie. My budget serves as my economic compass for earning and spending. If I pay more at the pump for gas, then I realize that I need to cut down elsewhere OR earn more. It shows me exactly what I need to do to stay in control economically.

In the end, it's just a few dollars. I'm grateful that it's that and nothing worse.

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