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7 Reasons Why Budgets ARE Sexy

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Back when I was getting out of debt, I religiously read a blog called “Budgets Are Sexy.” (I think I used to think that the more budgeting content I consumed, the faster I was going to get out of debt).

I loved it then (and still do today). It's fun and entertaining (well, as fun and entertaining as talking about household budgets can be), and I learned some things as I built my first budgets.

Fast forward ten years, and I’ve become of a bit of a budget pro. I’ve done them month in and month out (whether I’ve had one job, several jobs, no jobs, or living abroad). They've served my extremely well, and just like my schedule, they've given me direction.

Whether you’re a fellow budget geek (or a noob!), here are 7 reasons why budgets are sexy:

  1. In an uncontrollable world, a budget gives you control. A budget serves as a numerical rough draft of how I'm going to live my life. In very broad strokes, I decide how I’m going to spend my time (and my dollars) based on past behavior and circumstances (and, hey, like most of us, I’m a creature of habit). And I walk that out. Sure, life gives me surprises (like a pandemic), but I’m rarely thrown completely off course because I know where I’m heading (economically).

  2. A budget gives you boundaries (and freedom). Oftentimes, in the coaching world, I hear women discuss the need to develop firmer boundaries. I get that. It can be hard to say no to things when you’ve been conditioned to people-please (and I should know. ; )). But again, if you lay out in advance what you want to do (and what you intend to spend), it becomes easier to say “no” to less-than-stellar plans. “No” can set you free.

  3. A budget shows you your values. If you spend more food dollars at Whole Foods than at Ralph’s, that’s a sign that you value health and healthy eating. Likewise, if you find yourself spending money on family trips, get-togethers, etc., then you value connection and family. Neither is right nor wrong! Money tells a story about you; the budget is another opportunity to get to know yourself better.

  4. A budget is an engine to boost your net worth - I couldn’t have cleared $80K in student loans in under three years if I didn’t relentlessly create and adhere to budgets. I got to decide how much (after minimums) I was going to allocate to Sallie Mae. Cleaning up that mess helped me tremendously.

  5. A budget can save you money. When you decide ahead of time what you’re going to spend on what, you’re less likely to buy tchochke crap at Target. You’re less likely to cave to marketers’ plans to impluse spend because you have an intentional plan against them.

  6. A budget can save you time. If you save money, you technically save time (that is, if you’re trading hours for dollars). I recently helped a client who was intending to go from full-time job to part-time entrepreneur. At first, she didn’t think she could, but when we dove in and saw how to cut various wasteful expenses, she began to see the light of her new schedule and that everything was going to be all right.

  7. A budget gives you absolute clarity. When you have that clarity about your earning and spending habits, you have less stress and overwhelm and more internal peace. You officially know what you need to survive, and you have your own back.

These are just seven ways budgets are sexy, but there are so many more.

Teaching people how to budget is at the core of my money coaching.

In six sessions, I teach you all the things you should've learned in school in a non-judgmental way and, together, we get you on the path to financial freedom.

Want to learn?

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