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5 out of 13 Results I'm Committed to in 2023

If 2022 taught me anything, it’s that losing focus will kill your dreams.

Granted, 2022 wasn’t all terrible - I mean, I met the love of my life and took a sabbatical to Austin (which is now turning permanent), but I felt like I wasn't as focused in 2022 as I was in years prior.

I gave myself the grace and space to explore blogging various topics while freelancing. But I

didn’t do my annual ritual of setting goals this time last year.

And there was a price for that.

I spent way too much time working on building other people's businesses instead of working on my own; I also felt that I got way behind in my content, missed self-imposed deadlines, and robbed myself of learning opportunities by procrastinating. (Maybe deep down I was too scared to work on my own business, but live and learn). If I kept doing that, I could tell I'd waste SO much time and never get anywhere.

But not this year.

A few weeks ago, I buckled down and did my annual goal ritual.

I generally look over what goals I set for myself, what goals I achieved, and where I could improve. (I've been doing this since 2017, and while it may seem geeky AF, it helps me stay focused on what's important when everything else seems to go nuts).

This year, I spent a few hours asking myself, where did I want to be by the end of 2023? What experiences did I want to have? What achievements did I want to set out and conquer based on where I was in life right now? What kind of adventures did I want to have in pursuit of these things?

After some brainstorming, I'm sharing 5 of 13 results I'd like to create in my life by December 31, 2023.

1. Get down to 125 pounds by March 31st and stay between 125 to 127

  • My why: I feel so much better and sexier when I do that.

  • How I’m doing it - recommitting to WW with a pinch of fasting thrown in

  • Exercise: 52 spin classes and averaging 8,500 steps per day

  • Tracking everything

  • Eating at home as much as possible.

2. 3,000,000 steps

  • My why: I love walking (and sometimes running). I feel so much better when I do.

  • Tracking my steps (I need to average 8,500 per day)

  • I'm challenging myself to do 3,000,000 because I walked about 2,800,000 in 2020 and felt GREAT; I dipped down to about 1,300,000 last year and my mood felt decidedly lower). This is more of an emotional health goal than anything.

3. Read/Audiobook 52 books this year.

  • My why: I love being exposed to the best ideas in business and self-development.

  • I probably averaged 20-25 books last year, but I'd like to up my game (besides, if I'm going to be doing all of that walking, I'd kind of like to listen something halfway enlightening).

4. Write and publish (at least) 52 blog posts this year.

  • My why: writing is my love language. It’s always been that way; it will always be that way. While I’ve pivoted to writing more about self-development in recent years than finishing screenplays, I feel like I can easily keep up with a weekly pace.

  • Inspired by Seinfeld, I’m not “breaking the chain” with my work in that I’m currently in the throes of creating one *shi**y rough draft* per day with my work (I'm up to Day 32, and yes, I intend to polish them before I send them out to you).

5. Revamp this website

  • My why: I just don't think it's attracting the viewers that I think it can, and I want to build this thing out! Plus, I love learning more about digital media/web stuff, and a project like this is the perfect way to do this (and, oh yeah, set some more goals).

If you're wondering, "well, what about the other eight 2023 goals?"

Well, maybe I'll share them and maybe I won't (heh heh heh).

Stay tuned to find out.

How about you? What types of results are you committed to achieving this year?

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