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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Yup. I've officially rebranded.

Yes! Wake Up with Friends is now Charlotte Winters, Life Coach!

So, I've been quiet with my No-Snoozeletters for the last few months because, since November, I've been training to become a life coach through The JRNI Coaching Intensive. Now that I've finished my coursework, completed quite a bit of peer/pro bono coaching with coachees from all over the world, and even attracted paying clients, I've figured out my new direction for the brand, which is

...helping creatives set and achieve goals.

Ever since I can remember, I've been as driven as I've been creative. Having set and achieved many goals in my life including writing, finance, exercise, self-improvement, etc., I believe I can help my fellow creatives better in goal-setting than in setting up their days for success (hence the pivot).

Most of the general population (let alone creatives) have never been taught how to set personal goals, and I find that to be a shame. Not only are goals terrific vehicles for personal growth, but they're also little adventures that can teach you more about yourself, the world, and others.

JRNI gave me A LOT to think about and, in the coming newsletters (and social media), I look forward to sharing my findings with you. (Oh yeah, I'm also not giving up screenwriting; I'm merely putting it in another creative container).

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