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Life Coach
for Creatives


I got more insight from three sessions with Charlotte than I've had in years of therapy.

-Kat M.-
New York, NY

Charlotte Winters helped me not only turn around my personal and professional to-do lists, she helped me reframe my goals and place value not only on the work I have to do, but why I do it. She helped me to attach meaning to what I previously considered chores or less important tasks and value things I need to do for me. All this has resulted in more productive, happier days. And isn’t that what we all aim for!?


                       -Gillian F.-

                           Freehold, NJ

The time I spent working with Charlotte was beyond fruitful. She was always intentional and present. She took time to get to know me as a person, not a client, which, I believe, allowed her to more effectively engage with me in ways that were specific to the way I think and process. Charlotte is a person who is full of compassion and empathy. She was never afraid to share of herself and her experiences in ways that connected to the challenges I was working to solve and the goals I was working to meet. She also took time to develop organizational tools specific to my journey in order to help me to more effectively strategize a path forward with the various projects I have on my plate. Her consistency and her word are impeccable, and her authenticity is refreshing. I am very much looking forward to my next round of sessions with her in the near future and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!


                                    -Lauren S.-

                               Los Angeles, CA

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You're here
...because you feel stuck


Most of life is good, but you feel like it could be better.

Or, your finances need to be improved. Sure, you'd like to develop a plan to manage your finances, but it all seems so overwhelming. 

What to do?

Pink Stairway

My name is Charlotte, and I'm here to help.  

As a trained life coach, I specialize in helping women set and achieve goals in all areas of their life. 

Creating something new in your life requires a shift in thinking and plenty of action. But setting and achieving goals doesn't have to be more work on top of already overburdened schedules. In fact, I believe they can be adventures. 

Want to learn more?



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