Life Coach for Creatives



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You're here

...because you're creative.

What to do?


You have ideas - brilliant ones - and you love building something new and sharing it with the world. 


But you feel stuck.  

You start projects, but you have a tendency to procrastinate.  Or you want to start a side business, but overwhelm stops you.  Or you fear burnout (but maybe you're there already?)

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My name is Charlotte, and I'm here to help.  

As a life coach, I specialize in helping creatives set and achieve goals in the areas of finance, health, time-management, business, 

and self-care.  


I'm qualified to help you because not only have I always identified as a creative (I love writing), but I'm also a master at setting and achieving goals.  

Goal-setting isn’t so much about accomplishing tasks as it’s going on little adventures. Getting the result isn't as important as learning more about life, others, and yourself in the process.


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