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I got more insight from three sessions with Charlotte than I've had in years of therapy.

-Kat M.-
New York, NY

I found Charlotte to be a great teacher, diligent, and to the point. Caring and adaptable to where I was. She made me feel safe in my lack of knowledge and confidence, therefore I was able to learn and gain confidence quickly with her guidance. She has great tools and is well-organized with how she shares them and kept us on track with next steps. I feel I benefitted tremendously from Charlotte's coaching and would refer to her anyone who need helps with financial literacy or management.

-Sharon B.-
San Diego, CA

Before I started working with Charlotte, I would avoid looking at my bank account at all costs. I was stressed about my loans, credit cards, and medical debt. I've been paying them off for years without any massive change. Since working with Charlotte, I've learned a simple way to track my expenses...and, for the first time ever, I have an actual SAVINGS account for emergencies!


Charlotte has also helped me with my mindset around money and I'm so grateful for the confidence and hope I'm building. I recommend working with her if you have ANY financial goals!

-Kerri K.-

The Woodlands, TX

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...because you feel stuck


Most of life is good, but you feel like it could be better.

Or, your finances need to be improved. Sure, you'd like to develop a plan to manage your finances, but it all seems so overwhelming. 

What to do?

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My name is Charlotte, and I'm here to help.  

As a trained life coach, I specialize in helping women set and achieve goals in all areas of their life. 

My specialty is money mastery. Having paid off $80K of graduate student loan debt in under three years (working as an assistant), I know how to help women take control of their finances so to beat debt and build wealth. 

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